This is April?

So it’s 40 degrees outside. Windy as Hell too. Unpleasant. I’m pretty sure my calendar says it’s April 20th. By the end of the week it’s supposed to be pushing 90. It was snowing two weeks ago. Iowa… what’s not to love?

Thankfully the weather can turn the other way just as quickly. It turned beautiful just in time for my cousin, Joe’s wedding. Congratulations to him and his new bride, Sarah. Best of luck to both of them. It was a lovely ceremony and a great party afterwards. I’d never seen my Mother dance much, or anyone else on that side of the family for that matter. It was a lot of fun.

Friday the boys and I attended the Bring the Spring reception at ArtDive. They were very well-behaved and polite, but it was a pretty good-sized crowd and that can be a little scary for a little guy. My youngest isn’t hip on crowds so we spent some time hobnobbing with the outside crew. Thankfully the weather held up. Needless to say they didn’t last too long so we headed out early. My oldest did find some pieces he really enjoyed and he’s determined to get his own artwork hung there.
How cool is that?

Getting back to it tonight. I’m hoping to get some more supplemental shots for the painting. I want some of that morning light to work with. Waiting for the opportunity and the weather. In the meantime I’ll continue plugging away at the buildings. I got a good start on the paint Friday. I’m all about starts.

I’ll post some pics tomorrow.

Until then take some time to look at this guy’s paintings. His name’s Chet Zar and if you’ve seen Hellboy you’ve seen his work. I find it freakishly compelling. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve got a taste for the bizarre. That’s one word that will most likely pop into your head when you see it. His characters are immediately engaging and each hints at some kind of back-story. Love it. Keep it coming, Chet.



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