Festival Updates

A few notes tonight before I attempt to crash out a little early. I’m hoping to get those pics I mentioned Monday. That means I’ve got to get out of the house early. Weather.com has the sunrise at 6:20. i want to get to my spot before that. I want the buildings and streetlights lit up with just the first hints of morning light hitting them. The blue of the sky at that hour is truly astounding. I’d love to catch a red sunrise. Well, we’ll see what we get.

I’ve been working on the painting and I like where I know it’s going, but I’m dissatisfied with some of the colors at the moment. That will change as I progress and get a better sense of things. The colors as they stand are a little boring in my mind, but it’s early and there are a lot of layers that have yet to happen. The sky has a lot of activity now, but it’s going to get a lot more before I’m done. One of the caveats was that there should be as little “dead” space as possible. Meaning that I need to inject activity into every inch of the composition.

So when you look at these pics keep in mind that the color as it is now isn’t where it’s going to wind up.

Take a look. Feel free to comment. I’m turning in.



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