Wednesday, Gloom, and Updates

I’ve got to say I’m still waiting for Iowa to have an actual Spring. Granted we’ve had a few warm days and plenty of Spring-like rain, but we’re on day three of cold and gloom. Being out-of-doors just doesn’t sound all that apetizing.

So I’ve been plugging away at this DSM Art Festival mural project. I’m feeling better about it than I was a week ago, but it’s missing something. I’m still debating on what’s the best solution for the sky. The blue is ok, but it’s not particularly engaging. I’m wanting to take it someplace different. There’s plenty of of good brushwork going on but… hmmm.. It’s like flat champagne. It needs bubbles. Figuratively speaking, of course.

What you’re seeing today is the the work from my last two sessions. I’m spending my time working on the buildings. Making sure there’s plenty of interesting brushwork and color variation. I’ll hit it again tonight. Perhaps I’ll do a little digging online for some image-inspiration.

Until next time.



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