Art Festival Project Updates

So I got these great pics of last night’s studio session. I’m all jazzed to get them edited and posted so you could seem more of the progression. I go to open them and…. nothin’. They look fine. File size looks good, but no preview. Won’t open in my default viewer. Photoshop tells me their corrupt. Hmph! Will have to get more tonight. I’ll post them tonight or tomorrow.

I’ve been both satisfied and excited about my recent progress. Perhaps the fact that I’ve got a Monday deadline staring me in the face has got my emotional connection to this piece keyed up. I got some good feedback yesterday from my Art Festival contact, Michael. He’s been instrumental in keeping me on track with dates and with keeping this original painting in line with the logistics of the project as a whole. Thanks, Michael.

Here are some recent updates. The sky is coming along nicely and the buildings are starting to shape up. I’m trying to mix the man-made illumination with the morning light. It’s a juggling act, but it’s meshing nicely. Last night’s progress made great strides towards making the buildings relate to each other in style and coloring as well helping to unify the composition as a whole. Like I said, I’ll get more shots tonight and post them later. You are going to be seeing a lot of changes in a very short time. They’ll be small, but significant. Keeps your eyes open.



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