New Pics for a New Start

There’s something about getting started on a new project. If you know me I’m all about starts. I’m very happy to say that I sold a piece the other day and the buyers want another one to go with it. Naturally I’m pretty excited about the prospect. I met them a little over a week at ArtDive for a little brainstorming session. We discussed some of their ideas for the new painting and what may or may not work. All in all it was a good time. I like meeting with clients. Getting to know them and their perspective is a great help when coming up with something custom.

The end result of the meeting was a list of locations and views I needed to check out. I got to spend some time last week with just me, my camera, and my tripod. Here’s a sampling of the results.
For a full viewing of all the shots I took that night (and if you know me) you can check my new album on FaceBook

I’ll be posting it today.



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