I Keep Trying to Keep Up

The reasoning behind the title is this: I keep pushing to stay ahead of the curve. Not THEE Curve, but one of my own design. I try to paint five nights per week. I try to keep up with my blog. I try to keep up with my housework, kids, etc, etc, etc. Some nights (like last night) you try to play Catch-Up and just wind up falling asleep on the couch with your laptop open, half a blog written in gibberish, and the DVD you were watching spinning quietly away having returned to its main menu. In the interest of giving myself a break… it was a busy day. There’s a point in a every very busy day where your efforts to keep up begin delivering ever-diminishing returns. At that point it’s best to listen to your body and get some rest. Frankly I don’t like it. I always feel like there’s so much more I could be doing if only I didn’t need to sleep…

Perhaps it’s because of the little pangs of guilt I get from not staying abreast of all the things I think I should be doing. So in the continued interest of giving myself a break I’ll celebrate a little success. I managed to finish my latest commissioned piece. I’m calling it “Capital in Crimson”. It was commissioned to be a mate to “Untitled in Red and Gold”. Not as snazzy as it’s sibling’s title, but then again I never was much for names. I have managed to keep up with my mini-paintings and charcoal. I’ve also started a new piece (not pictured). Keeping with my goal of bringing the characters in my work more into the forefront a large figure dominates the space. I’ve got an idea in my head of where I want to go and this new one isn’t quite there. It feels kind of like I’m taking baby steps. That’s OK though. I’m in no hurry and my goal isn’t and end… just a mile-marker.

To wrap up I’d like to say a quick Thank You to the Ankeny Art Center, Brent Houzenga, and all of the other artists in the group show I had the honor of being included with called, Diversify Your Bonds last Friday. The reception was very well attended and the wide variety of Art on display was very refreshing. As always the photography of my friend, Jason Scott Hoffman, and the painting by Jeff Bonker were among the stand-outs. If you haven’t seen their work… You should.

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