Going Back to the Table

I know I posted my painting, “That First Step” last week, but truth be told… it wasn’t truly finished. After letting the paint dry I noticed some spots that looked off and some where the paint was a bit thin. Plus there were scale issues with the car immediately behind the primary figure. Needless to say my fine sensibilities (read as “potentially OCD behavior”) couldn’t let this pass.

I did get them fixed to my satisfaction and as my final step, signed the piece last night. I guess it has something to say about “going back to the table” which is (you gamblers out there already know this) a big No No. Normally I hold to a policy sticking with my decision as to whether or not a particular piece is finished. I think most of us have spent a fair amount of time second-guessing ourselves. It starts when we’re young. I have a number of more or less unpleasant childhood memories that involve taking tests in school. I remember looking at my answer, rethinking my answer, changing my answer, then finding out I was right the first time (insert picture of me slapping my forehead). It’s a common enough occurrence especially with those damnable standardized fill-in-the-dot tests.

So I went back to the table, but I managed to fix the parts that were bugging me and left a few others that I decided were far to minor to bother anyone else. I managed to do it without putting myself in the position of having to fix something else. I’m always wary of overworking a piece. Normally I wouldn’t recommend it, but sometimes you’ve got to give in to your impulses.

Lots more work coming up. Can’t wait to start posting.



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