A Hurried Thursday Update

Good morning one and all. Just wanted to make a quick post this morning to catch up on what I’ve been doing. It’s been over a week since I blogged and I’m feeling like a bit of a slacker in this respect.

I just finished a commission I picked up back in early October. It’s another Des Moines cityscape. My client came to me with a couple of very nice photos and we collaborated a bit on how to put the piece together. I’ll say it again. I’ve been very lucky with my clients. They’ve all been so easy to work with (that’s not always the case). I put the finishing touches on it last week and delivered it Monday. Just in time as I’ve got a number of project lined up. Every now and then it seems like I’ve got to feed this compulsion to take on a bit too much work, but you do what you do to keep you motivated. I’ve got work to finish for the Crossroads Conference in December and for another potential group show in January. And let us not forget we barreling towards the holidays… and all that that implies.

“It’s another Des Moines cityscape.”
There’s the only problem I’ve really run into doing commissioned work. I’ve got these directions I’m trying to take my Art, but commissions are usually requests for you to produce something in the style with which people have become familiar. Don’t take that the wrong way… paying gigs come first for the most part, but sometimes it can feel like they’re stifling forward movement. I’ve heard this from other artists at different points as well. The general concensus is however that people need to eat as well as a myriad host of other things to survive. I’ll never complain about selling work or having a damned good excuse to stay up at night.

But I do have a number of ideas that are just screaming to get out. I’m looking forward to a chance to let them.



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