A New Venue

Coming at ya on a cold, Iowa morning where the fog is so thick you can’t see my hand in front of your face.

I recently happened upon a new venue for my artwork. The painting, “Washington Street in Red” is now hanging for view and sale at Baby Boomer’s Cafe in Des Moines’ historic East Village. They serve good, honest food and breakfast all day FTW! It says on the website, “just like your mom and grandma served it up…hot, fresh, no substitutes, and no excuses“. That’s assuming that your mom and/or grandma was a kickass cook. The homemade pies are to die for.

Aside from great food (and my painting) Boomer’s also has works on display by Van Holmgren and Lee Ann Conlan.

I would highly recommend stopping in, eating lots, and while you do… check out some great art.

Oh, Tell Rodney and Tom (the owners) I said “Hi”.

Got some other big news coming up! Tell ya tomorrow.



~ by Robert L Reeves on November 19, 2009.

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