Of Hindu Gods and Plane Rides

I’ve never been all that keen on flying.  I find the entire experience somewhat distasteful.  Hauling around luggage, slogging through security checks (God knows I couldn’t possibly pack several 3oz containers with the same explosive substance.  Sorry TSA, but it’s true), being packed like sardines into metal canisters and tiny seats.  Don’t even get me started on turbulence.  The only parts I rather enjoy are liftoff and touchdown.  These days, however, it’s a necessary evil.
I had the opportunity to spend some time this week on plane rides to and from Chicago for my day job.  I’ll chalk the trip, for the most part, as one of my worst experiences ever.  I was in Chicago, but I didn’t get a chance to enjoy the Windy City.  Being one of my favorite American cities this was a big disappointment.  It wasn’t Chicago’s fault, however.  I was there to help move an office from one building to another.  While the final outcome was good for the office workers the experience itself was nothing short of hellish.. or at least Purgatory-ish.  I was raised Baptist.  We didn’t have Purgatory so I’m guessing here.  I’ll have to arrange another trip this Summer to wash the taste of it from my mind.

I was able to find a few distractions, however.  I like to draw while flying.  It helps to keep my mind in a happy place: concentrated and lost in my work.  Some potential clients have inquired about me doing an image of the Hindu god, Ganesha.  I’ve always been fascinated by Hindu imagery.  Frankly I find mythical imagery from nearly all cultures completely enthralling, but that’s a topic for another day.  So with the plane sitting on the tarmac I started doodling.  At the end of the trip I had this. I like his eyes.  They seem a bit weary, but peaceful.

It was short flight and I was doodling with a ball point pen which makes mistakes a bit hard to correct.  Is it a masterpiece?  No, but it IS a start.

I’m all about starts. 



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