A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the Drawing Board

I was up working on some pieces for the show at RayGun opening next Friday and I was struggling.  I’d been given a very helpful critique and was trying to work through some problem areas, but I just kept missing the mark.  I often take pics of my work in progress to help give me some perspective.  Taking a step back only does so much.  
I’ve recently updated to a camera phone.  It’s handy when I want a few quick pics.  So I stepped back to get a shot and noticed something through the view finder I hadn’t noticed while looking at the piece directly.  I reached out my hand to make a small, finger adjustment and had a little bit of a revelation.  I got the benefit of perspective with the ability to touch the work directly.  Like having very long arms or a video touch screen with perfect, instinctive control.  
Hmmm… There’s an idea.

When that happened I was suddenly able to realize the solution to my problem.  It was a little awkward at first, but the results were surprising.  I’m not sure if working through my phone’s view screen is a good solution, but it was a bit of a revelation at the time.  Then again it’s amazing what can become a revelation at 1:30am when you’ve got to wake up for the day job at 5:45am.



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