A Little Jaunt Across the Water

I’ve just returned from a great week in Dublin and London.  My camera’s full.  So’s my imagination.  I’m exhausted.  I’m probably sick.  I’m not overly thrilled to be returning to the day job.  I’m so glad I went and I’m just as glad to be home.  I’m even more glad I had good company along.  Good traveling companions are hard to find.
Thanks, Monica.

I’ve got a ton of pics to sort through.  Most of them won’t be useful to my current project, but there’s always future work to consider.  I’m hoping to get the field narrowed down by the end of the week.  I desperately need to get back into the studio and start digging in.
If I keep digging like this I’ll find myself in China.
(note to self: find a better way to get to China)

I’d love to post all the shots I took and tell the stories of all the wonderful people I met, but there’s just no time.  Let me sum up one of the more entertaining evenings: 17yr old Jameson, Irish hotel owner, Italian restaurateur, glass eye, plans to save a night club at 4am.
Yep… Only in Dublin.

I loved it.  The people were fantastic.  The food and drink, amazing.  The history overwhelming.  Everything a good vacation should include.  Some would add warmer weather and sandy beaches… to each their own.  Give me full pint, a good story, and a hot meal and I’m in Heaven.
Plus they have the Francis Bacon studio in the Hugh Lane Gallery.  Each little dirty odd and end reconstructed meticulously to give you a little insight into the mind of a true original.  He definitely had a screw loose, but you’ve got to hand it to him: He was brilliant.
See for yourself Francis Bacon Image Search Results

London was much as I remembered it: Stately, crowded, fast-paced.  Not for the timid.  A definite must-see.

At any rate I’ve got a ton of thinking to do about which of these shots will fit the bill for the Aviva commissioned pieces and which ones I’ll be marking for future reference.

I’ve got a web album posted if you want to see more: London – Dublin 2010



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