Here Comes the Sun

Considering this is a post about two paintings of Sun Studios in Memphis that I’m working on it’s an awful pun, but it’s late.  I’ve cleaned up raw sewage today.  A pretty fair amount really.  It was 100 degrees at band practice tonight.  My knees were pitting out.

My knees.

I’m out of clever lines.  On the other hand I have functional plumbing (again), and a roof over my head.  I’m in a band with some really great cats who dish out some kickass tunes, and a I’ve got a super-amazing girlfriend.  I’m doing alright.

Sun Studios  - Robert Reeves - original oil paintingsI got commissioned a while back for a couple paintings of Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee: one of the great icons of American musical history.  Actually it started out as a request for a single painting, but after sending some developmental sketches to the client he asked for a second piece.  Nice.  They’re not finished yet, but they’re getting close.  Hopefully I’ll have them wrapped up in the next week or so.  They’ve been fun, but it’s time to move on to something else.  I’m sure my client is more than ready to get his Art.

Which leads me to my next bit: I’ve been asked to come up with a Beastie Boys piece in honor of the late MCA.  I’ve been a fan since high school (which for me was in the 80’s) so I jumped at the suggestion of coming up with a composition.  He’s left it up to me to decide whether it will be an image of the Boys themselves or something a bit more symbolic. I’ve seen some really good examples of both.  It’s going to be a serious challenge to come up with something genuinely unique.  I’ll be going back through my CDs and I think I’ll pull out my copy of “Awesome, I Fucking Shot That”.

Wish me luck.



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  1. Jayme Rutherford Avatar

    Looks great! Best of luck on the Beastie Boys piece- looking forward to seeing it.

    1. Robert L Reeves Avatar

      Thanks, Jayme! Good to hear from you!

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