A Bargain, a Finished Painting, and Another Move

Sun Studio - Night
Sun Studio – Night

After a few months of nitpicking I finally put the finishing touches on the paintings of Sun Studio in Memphis and another, last-minute gift commission.  Right around the time all of that was wrapping up I had a conversation with a friend and fellow painter who had a very interesting proposition regarding some available studio space in a very desirable location.

Sun Studio - Day
Sun Studio – Day

The Fitch building has long been the home to some of Des Moines best artists.  The space is large, has a lot of amenities like good ventilation, lots of light, and the benefits of a good location.  We’re situated in what’s known as the Western Gateway near some good restaurants, a couple of decent bars, and Des Moines’ fantastic Pappajohn Sculpture park.  Can’t beat that for inspiration.  I’m pretty happy to have gotten my equipment out of the basement and into a well-appointed, workable space.  Moving in would’ve been a lot nicer if the freight elevator worked and everything didn’t need to get carried up 4 flights of stairs in the stupifying heat, but….  We’ll call it a lesson in determination and endurance.

I’ve put a wrap on the Sun Studio pieces and have gotten a start on my most recent commission: a painting of the all-powerful Beastie Boys.  I’ve been changing a lot about how I paint lately and this Beasties piece is as good a place as any to really put the my new process into action. I’ll post pics as things progress more.  I think it’s a definite leap in how and what kinds of images I produce from here on out.  I can thank the influence of the two Artists with whom I share studio space, Buffalo Bonker, and Jordan Weber: Brilliant mofos in their own right.  I’m happy to be sharing space with people who are willing to share ideas, tips, tricks, and general BS in a free and open manner.  I’m a lucky painter.

Mr B charcoal sketch
Developmental sketch for Mr B

I’ve also been using some of this time in between large-scale commissions to play a little bit.  I don’t get the chance very often so I try to take it when I can.  I’ve been working on this little fellow some.  He’s been playing dice in my head at night.   It’s time to get him to move out.



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