Works in Progress

Robert Reeves - Cellular Mitosis - acrylic on linen - 2012

Cellular Mitosis – Acrylic on Linen

Seems like I’ve been busier than ever these days.  I wrapped up some studio work and have been plugging away at this Beastie Boys painting (progress image included below).  I thought I’d have a chance to build up some more work for display, but I’m happy to announce that the requests for commissioned work just keep coming.  I’ve begun work in earnest on one new set of paintings and have a meeting scheduled next week for more.  Then last night… another call.  Scheduling that meeting today.  We’ll see what comes of it.  On top of that I’ve been spending a lot more time recently updating my submission materials and promo packs for a series public Art projects I’m applying for.  I’ve sent out applications in the past and have received my share of rejections, but if you throw enough noodles at the wall sooner or later something will stick.

Robert Reeves - Revisionist History - Acrylic on Linen - 2010

Revisionist History – Acrylic on Linen

Gosh I hope I’m sticky enough…

As always, if you’re interested in anything you see here don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Drop me a line at

Until next time



Robert Reeves - BBoys Take Manhattan (in progress) - Acrylic on Linen - 2012

BBoys Take Manhattan – In Progress

~ by Robert L Reeves on October 17, 2012.

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