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What a night that was. The Fitch Studios open house was a pretty good time. There were tons of people through the studio. Lots of new faces and plenty of friends. And sangria. So much sangria.
On behalf of Studio 405 thanks for coming out.

Here’s the set up from that night. With some new, commissioned work in progress.
Robert Reeves - studio arrangement

– My cat keeps typing rows of fours. We’ve talked about his role in contributing to this blog. Some people just can’t take criticism.-

I’ve finally gotten a chance to pull out the oil paints again. Having spent the last six months painting in acrylics it’s a made for a bit of a challenge. I’d started laying on pigment with big palette knives. something I’d never done with oils much. Although I’m getting frustrated with the extended drying times it’s good for me to try new techniques. I’ve been trying to absorb new perspectives. Re-imagine what it is that I’m doing. Trying to make the younger me happy.



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