Flingin’ Paint

Recently I’ve felt like there’s been an explosion of activity in my studio.  I’ve been lucky.  Commissioned work keeps coming in so that helps keep me busy, but I think I’d stay just as busy even if I wasn’t getting paid.  I’ve been taking steps to change the way I paint.  Moreover I’ve been taking steps to change the way I see my own work.  Maybe myself too, but that’s a tougher bit to chew.

I used to be a night owl.  Up all night whether I needed it or not.  Not out partying or anything like that.  Just up.  Up reading. Up drawing. Up walking the streets of  my sleepy neighborhood because my legs didn’t want to be still.  These days that’s all changed.  I’m up at 5am.  Earlier some days, but not very often.  I’m in the studio by 6 and then leave in time to go to my day job.  I feel less distracted.  More open.  I’m not worn down by the day yet.  Plus it frees up my evenings.

I’ve found that I can get to my creative sweet spot more quickly in the AM.

You know what I mean.

The point where you stop thinking about what you’re doing and just and start doing.  In some martial arts they refer to it as No Mind.  Where the mind lets go and the body does what it’s been trained to do.  It’s an important state for me when I work and the sooner I get there there better (read as: the less I’m analyzing the less I seem to screw things up).

It’s helped me to change what I’m doing.  I’m absorbing more from other artists while not feeling like I’m diluting my own work; trying new approaches to painting without it feeling forced.

So… some over-sized drop cloths and better brushes are in order because I’m making a real mess.  This little guy is the first casualty of many I’m sure.

It would appear that the strain was more than he could bear.
Robert Reeves - broken brushes - palette knives
To many more broken brushes.



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