Fitch Building Open Studios 2013

Fitch Studios Open House 2013

Fitch Studios Open House 2013

It’s that time again, kids!  The Fitch Building’s yearly open studio night.  Last year’s event was a blast.  Lot’s of people.  Tons of Artwork on display (and for sale… don’t forget).  Food, drink, much merry-making in general.  My studio mate, Buffalo Bonker and I will be there as your Studio 405 hosts.  We’ll regale you with tales of Artistic daring-do and feed you yummy foods all while plying you with our painterly whiles.  

Translation: We’ll hang out, chat, feed you snacks, pour some drinks, and try to sell you Art work.  Let’s not prevaricate about the bush, eh?

All kidding aside we’ll just be happy to have you there.

The official hours are from 5-9pm, but last year the party lasted well into the wee hours.  I do hope you’ll join us, drink some wine, talk a bit, and have some fun.

304 15th street.  Just south of the sculpture park and American Dream Machines.

See you there!



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