Dusty Little Things

As I posted last week there’s a big event coming.  My studio building’s annual open house.  That means I’ve got a lot of stuff in the works.  There will be repeated trips to the hardware store; repeated trips up and down the four flights of stairs (good for leg-day); long periods of me standing in front of my wall with my arms crossed (presumably deep in thought); lots of hours in the shop cutting mats and making frames.  Probably some cursing thrown in for good measure.

All things I love to do.  Especially the cursing bit.  I’m really good at that.

I’ve got a number of new paintings that are nearly ready to be displayed as well as several charcoal drawings and pastels that will be getting dressed up for the occasion.  Here’s one of themRobert Reeves-Untitled DSM Pastel-mockup2-2013

It’s one of the many dusty little things that you’ll see if you come visit Studio405 next Friday, 12/6 from 5:00 until… well, ’til we stop.



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