A Work of Lilliputian Proportions or GO HAWKS!

robert reeves, kinnick stadium (oswald), acrylic on linen, 2014
robert reeves, kinnick stadium (oswald), acrylic on linen, 2014

So here’s a little fella I just finished up this morning. For those of you who don’t know this is Kinnick  Stadium in Iowa City, Iowa. Big place. Much football.

Go Hawks… and all that kindof thing.

I went to school there for a semester and it was only one class. You can expect just so much school spirit out of a part-timer.

I painted it on commission as a birthday gift for a client’s boyfriend/fiance. It was a genuine challenge if, for nothing else, the scale. You see my last project was a 26′ x 12′ (approx 8 x 3.5m) mural. Quite a switch mentally when you start painting something that’s only 8″ x 12″ (approx 20 x 30cm). I went from using house painting sized brushes to using brushes so small they only had a dozen or so bristles.  Also I had to sit (which I don’t really like) because my easels won’t adjust high enough to work on something this small at head level.  I think my hip appreciated the break tho. I’m also pretty sure my eyes are going to stay crossed for the next couple of days. Working so small is good exercise for me. Makes me work harder to whittle out the little, unnecessary details and keep it simple.

Simple is good or so I’ve been told.

I hope the intended recipient enjoys the piece. I know he’s a big fan. I can only hope that it brings him good memories of his times there. Happy birthday, man! Glad I could be a part of some gift-giving. That’s almost always a good thing.

More work’s comin’. Just you wait and see.



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