Wind Power

Here in Iowas we’ve got lots of things. Among them we have: Corn, a few groovy little cities, marriage equality, a vibrant Arts scene, open spaces, pigs, amazing people, and wind. We’ve got wind in spades. As such we’ve been putting up a lot of wind farms. They’re enormous, towering things. They’re really kind of beautiful. They’re no match for our skies though. We get some amazing cloud formations. Big Midwestern storms. They’re something to see. Especially as they drift away into the East leaving the most amazing light, the smell of fresh rain, and rolling thunder in their wake. 

Robert Reeves, Windmills, Oil on canvas, 72x24, 2014
Robert Reeves, Windmills, Oil on linen, 72×24, 2014

I got a few nice shots of one such formation floating away like a vast, weightless mountain range over a newly-erected wind farm not far from the city in which I live. Quite beautiful. Quite lovely.

Sorry for the less-than-awesome photo quality. I’ll get some good-quality shots and repost in the future.



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