Fitch Building Open Studio 2014

It’s that time again, boys and girls.

Fitch Open Studio 2014, December 6th, 6-9pm
Fitch Open Studio 2014, December 6th, 6-9pm

Every year the good souls at the Fitch Building open up their workspaces to the public. We clean (sometimes), buy refreshments and lots of finger foods. We slog 20lb bags of ice up four flights of stairs. We even dress up a bit… occasionally. If we get around to it. There’s a lot of other stuff to get done…

All because we love having people come in and share in what we do. If nothing else it’s a fair enough excuse to throw a party.

Here’s the numbers:

Saturday, December 6th

304 15th Street

Des Moines, Ia



Artists can be a bit eccentric, but we’re a generally friendly folk. Generous and trustworthy by nature.

And what most people don’t know is that if you buy a painting or give one of us a hug you’ll have good luck all the rest of your days.

So come out on the 6th and hug and artist… OR buy a painting. Your call.

See you there.







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