Send in the Clouds

Robert Reeves, Manheimer Jamaican beach, 16x24, 2015

Robert Reeves, Manheimer Jamaican beach, 16×24, 2015


So I do some fluffy, brightly-colored landscape paintings (and the occasional portrait, God help me). A guy’s gotta pay the bills. Gotta buy paint. I take commissioned work so I can afford to do the work I feel I need to do. Plus I like having a little fun. Doing some lighter stuff. Trying to take another person’s vision and translate that. It’s no mean feat I can tell you. Some people are easier to work with than others.

The gentleman that commissioned the work was extremely easy to work with. He ordered the piece for his wife as a birthday gift. It’s a placeholder for something a little more tangible down the line I think.

I think it’s romantic and sweet. I don’t usually deal with that sort of thing. It’s refreshing.


Here’s to a little more romance.



~ by Robert L Reeves on June 11, 2015.

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