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Gallery space. Indian Hills CC.
Gallery space. Indian Hills CC.

I’m very happy to announce the opening of my current solo show, “Oil and Dust” at the Indian Hills Community College gallery. It’s a beautiful space and the gallery curator, Mark, was a breeze to work with. Given the size of most of my pieces it took renting a UHaul to get everything there (and will take another to get it back). I got a few lessons along the way regarding the transportation of my work in a large vehicle.  Live and learn… live and learn. I tend to be a bit cavalier about how I handle my own work. No more, however. Nothing’s damaged, mind you. I just got a lot of food for thought along the way. Good stuff.

At receptions you get asked a lot of the same questions: “What’s your inspiration?”, “What is this art about?”, yadda yadda yadda. What came to mind this time around was just this: I’m compelled to create. It’s not a want. It’s a need. It’s therapy. I lose myself in the process. I forget about the world. Sometimes I’m caught in a silent war with the piece I’m creating. Sometimes I think through personal issues. Sometimes I don’t think at all. It’s meditation. Prayer, if you will.

What is it about?

That’s for the viewer to decide. Once I’m done with it the interpretation’s out of my hands.













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  1. Stuart Land Avatar
    Stuart Land

    A big congrats from your second biggest fan (after your mom). How’d the opening go? One day I hope to own a Robert Reeves for my very own. Best to you buddy!



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