I’ve never been much for politics, but…

When you’re asked by the production team for a new polit-com from Megyn Kelly, “Can we use some of your work for our show?”, you say, “Why not?”.

So there you have it in a nutshell: My Artwork. New comedy. Political incorrectness (we can only hope).

Here’s the trailer. I hope it’s good.

Megyn Kelly-produced comedy ‘Embeds’ shows mayhem on the campaign trail in first trailer




2 responses to “I’ve never been much for politics, but…”

  1. Stuart Land Avatar
    Stuart Land

    So cool, Robert! I watched the trailer, but no see da yer artwork.

    1. Robert L Reeves Avatar

      Indeed. They didn’t make the trailer, but do appear in a couple of scenes. I’ve got some production stills I’ll post.

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