Thank You, Masked Man

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I had the opportunity to help someone today. I feel some shame in writing about this not because I’m ashamed of doing what I did, but because I believe making such acts a public event cheapens the act itself. I believe receiving undue praise for being a regular, decent person can lead to expectations of praise and reward. A slippery slope if there ever was one. Not everyone’s an ultra-altruistic superhero ready to lay down their lives on a daily basis save the world out of the sheer goodness of their hearts… and even those are susceptible to corruption. A true altruistic act requires no dog and pony show. No medals. No press conference… And no expectation of thanks.
See, “Thank you, Masked Man“, by Lenny Bruce if you have not. I warn you it’s crass and more than a bit homophobic. Not something I condone but it is, after all, Lenny Bruce. The sentiment’s there: once you start looking for gratitude you start to have expectations of just what that should entail. Best to not start at all.
I saw a woman stuck in a broken-down car at one of the busiest intersections in town during morning rush. For those of you familiar with Des Moines I was by the giant A&E Dairy cow sculptures. As I pulled up next to the disabled vehicle I saw her: Visibly sobbing and looking very afraid. On her cell phone frantically trying to call someone for help as angry morning commuters struggled to make their way around her. Everyone was in a hurry. Too busy. Busy getting to work. Busy with their own lives. Being busy is no sin. We all are pretty busy all the time. At least most of the people I know are. But there she was: Another person struggling and I realized I couldn’t pass her by and feel OK about myself. I found a place to park and ran back. Asked her about her condition and the situation with the car. It was completely without power. She was at a loss. Still in tears. I told her it was going to be alright and then told her my plan. She braked & steered and I pushed. Around a corner, down the street and into a parking lot we went together. Luckily there’d been a break in the traffic on the adjoining street and we were able to cross without blocking too many folks *. In the end she got a call from a friend who would come to get her and traffic was flowing happily. All was right with the world again. I checked to make sure she was good and headed to work. The day seemed a little sunnier than it had and I’d considered leaving it at that. Then I got to thinking there was a parallel with what we see happening all around us. People living in fear of lack. People afraid that if they took time to help or deviated from their planned course that they would somehow miss out or that the cost to themselves would be too great. People looking to get (or stay) ahead of others. The greater cost is to ourselves when we pass people by.
I don’t tell this story to illustrate what a good person I am. I’m not. I don’t expect or want any accolades for being a human being. I will delete any and all comments praising my actions, etc. I’m not looking for thanks. I DO want to set an example in my life and for others. I hope that every person who watched the two of us move that car by ourselves feels a little twinge of guilt when they think back on it. That maybe they’ll feel slightly diminished that some average guy in a less-than-average Honda got out and helped when they didn’t think to. That maybe the next time they see someone in need… in distress they’ll think about that and instead rush offer their hand first. To work together to help solve problems instead of making sure they “get theirs”.
This is how we make our land… our world great. This is how we combat hate. This is how we extinguish fear. This is how we come together. This is how we raise ourselves up.
We have a world full of people in need. We can, in small ways, each and every one of us make a difference every day right here in our own back yard. Today is your day.
Be excellent to each other.
* I’m really glad I haven’t been skipping leg day lately and I’m seriously considering upping my cardio game. When did compact cars get so heavy??


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I’ve been loving me some horizontal formats lately… and graphite or charcoal on toned paper. Maybe it’s because I was such a huge movie fan as a kid and I wish the world was filmed in Ultra Panavision. Maybe it’s because I have this huge roll of gray-toned paper I’ve been sitting on for a couple of years. Who can say for sure, but the format really appeals to me. As such I’ve done a number of works over the last couple of years that extol the virtues of the panoramic.

I decided to get all (or at least most) of them together in one post.

Lately figures seam to be taking on a more prominent role. Alone or in pairs…Clumped together. Perhaps I need to get out of my basement.










Western Gateway, Graphite on paper, 50″ x 8″, 2015











Fresh Oils

•August 22, 2016 • 1 Comment

Here’s a new one hot off the easel. As of yet untitled (I’m open to suggestions). Oil on linen. 16″ x 20″

Le Garage Hermitque (the invite!)

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Hey true believers!,

It’s your friendly, neighborhood, out-of-his-mind painter and I’m here to tell you all about an upcoming group show I’ve been given the distinct pleasure of taking part in. It’s called, “Le Garage Hermitique”. If you don’t know what that title is all about take a look at this earlier post from moi here. That saves me the time of having to explain the whole concept again.

Thanks. Now that’s over let me give you the formal invite so you’ll be sure not to miss it. We’ve got a great cadre of artists lined up each ready to show you their interpretation of the concept of Magic. Each piece a completely unique creation from a completely unique perspective.

I love it.

Here it is:


The address (as if you didn’t know) is 4025 Tonawanda Dr, Des Moines, IA 50312.

My own piece hearkens back to the illustrations I gazed upon as a young man while thumbing through Heavy Metal magazine and Epic Illustrated (Marvel’s version of the same thing) in the magazine racks at the grocery store while waiting for my mom to pick up some household staples. Those publications really impacted my formative years and seeing all that amazing art therein drove me as a young man to continue to draw and paint the bizarre scenes I saw in my head. I daresay they were in part responsible for making me the man I am today… Take that as you will.

I was excited to be invited to take part in this exhibition. You really should see it.

It’s gonna be magical.





A Touch of Gold

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I’m throwing my hat in the ring (a couple of times) for this year’s Des Moines Arts Week festivities. My first go-round will be with a group exhibition at the Salisbury House called, “Le Garage Hermetique”. I’ll get deeper into that in another post. Believe me… You’ll want to see this show.

As for myself I’ll be putting up a collection of my work at one of Des Moines’ newest men’s fashion boutiques, Lord Midas.


Lord Midas, you say? They’re new in town. Hit the link and find out. Come back when you’re done. We’ve got time.

Pricey? Yes. I’m no fashionista but if you’ve got a love for Italian shoes or other high-end leather goods you’re in for a treat. These are beautiful and well-made. Max has even offered a 20% discount during the reception so maybe it’s time you got some new gear.

I know Art Week’s going to be busy as all getout, but take some time to come down Friday, June 24th from 6-9pm and chat with Max and myself. Take in some Art. Maybe even take home some Art… amiright??

We’ll see you there!







Le Garage Hermetique (again)

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One more session for some tonal work and finalizing a few odds & ends then I’m calling it. Come see the final piece at Le Garage Hermetique in June at the Salisbury House.

Details to follow.


The Goddess Gets Some Color

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Got a chance to start laying down some color this week. It’s a work-in-progress so odds are there’ll be some significant changes before it’s all over.

I’m trying to limit myself to 3 or 4 sessions to completion. Going to give it a few days to dry while I work on other projects. Hoping to get it wrapped in plenty of time for “Le Garage Hermetique” in June.

See you then.


Le Garage Hermetique

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The Scrolls of the Oracle Goddess

Nearly finished with the underpainting for this little ditty that will be going on display at a group show in June called, “Le Garage Hermetique”. The theme comes from the title of a serialized comic by the artist, Moebius, that was first published in the French magazine, “Metal Hurlant”… or as we know it in the states, “Heavy Metal”. I grew up reading “Heavy Metal” and the artwork was always my favorite part. It set the tone for much of my formative years.

I suppose that explains a lot.

This is my tribute.


Red #1

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Keeping my pallet limited and my time brief. Trying harder to accept each piece with its imperfections in order to preserve its energy.


Back to Study

•March 9, 2016 • 1 Comment


Been a few weeks since I’ve done much of anything. Not sure why. Whether it was the cold, burnout, lack of motivation, excuses, excuses, excuses…
I feel like I’ve got some paintings to get out.
Glad to be back at it.


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